Plus, reflections on #January6 and the most-read #WhiteTooLong posts from 2022
Plus, a post-election salon on race and politics sponsored by IPSOS Public Affairs
Midterm Takeaways + My Post-Election Conversation with MSNBC's Joy Reid and The Bulwark's Tim Miller
What else do Republicans who embrace "the Big Lie" believe?
Findings from the release of PRRI's 13th annual American Values Survey, conducted in partnership with the Brookings Institution
My conversation with the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin about the growing acceptance of anti-semitism and bigotry in the MAGA movement and the refusal…
Only one quarter of Americans support leaving Confederate monuments just as they are.
WTL Conversations [S2E14]: White Supremacy, Christian Nationalism, and the Fragile Future of the American ExperimentWatch now (71 min) | My Closing Lecture at the Chautauqua Institution
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