I've recently written a paper, 'The Theology of Opposition to Anthropogenic Climate Change', which I've submitted to the SocArXiv. White Evangelical Protestant Americans feature prominently, and aren't above receiving donations from ExxonMobil, inter alia, for their divinity! Frankly, I find it very hard not to vomit when I think of them. Their opposition to abortion is simply another manifestation of their desire to exercise "dominion" (Hebrew, radah) over the Earth and everyone and everything on it, including women.

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There should never be laws that restrict any person, male or female, from seeking and receiving the medical care they need or want. Doesn’t the Constitution protect my privacy in making my choices for medical care? The Roe vs Wade ruling stated, “Fourteenth Amendment’s concept of personal liberty and restrictions upon state action includes a right of personal privacy or a guarantee of certain areas or zones of privacy4 and that [t]his right of privacy . . . is broad enough to encompass a woman’s decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.”

Abortion is a medical treatment. Although many people oppose abortions because a baby is killed in the process, why do they fail to extend their compassion to the millions of children in foster care, kidnapped into human trafficking, homeless, or separated by the government from their immigrant parents? To this day I still remember being outraged from reading a newspaper report of an infant found smothered to death in his crib with his mouth filled with semen! If that child had been aborted it would have been spared the torture they experienced in the few months they lived.

God honors the choices we make. Even though He wants us to choose Him and live, He still does not override a person’s choice to reject Him. I do not believe there should be any laws that infringe upon my privacy and my God-given right to make choices for my life as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. If men continue to deny women their right to privacy in matters of their health care choices, then there should be a law requiring that each man get a vasectomy for impregnating a woman who does not want to get pregnant! Bottom line - there should be no laws for or against abortion.


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