Tuesday Conversations, Episode 4 (Video): White Christian Nationalism, with Jemar Tisby and Amanda Tyler

How racism undergirds Christian nationalism, sponsored by BJC/Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Welcome to Episode 4 of “Tuesday Conversations” on #WhiteTooLong. Today we’ll tackle the topic of white Christian nationalism, with Jemar Tisby and Amanda Tyler as our guides.

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I’m thrilled to share this conversation I recently had about the looming threat of white Christian nationalism with Jemar Tisby, author of How to Fight Racism and the New York Times best-selling The Color of Compromise, and Amanda Tyler, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee (BJC) and the leading force behind the “Christians against Christian nationalism” campaign. I’m grateful for BJC for sponsoring the conversation.

I’ve been a fan of both of their work for years, and Amanda and I have crossed paths many times in Baptist and DC circles. But I was particularly excited about this event because this was the first time I’d had an opportunity to be in conversation with Jemar (now Dr. Tisby!) about these important issues.

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ICYMI, flagging last week’s posts (My latest “Friday Reflections” post also took up the issue of white Christian nationalism).